Poorly written website content will not only damage your business reputation but will also negatively impact your Google ranking. Well written SEO content with industry ‘appropriate’ keywords is a sound investment that will drive your website to page one of Google and have you competing with the best.

SEO Statistics

There are several ways that you can increase your visibility on Google. The demand for digital marketing services (DMS) is on the rise with search engine optimisation (SEO) spending expected to exceed $79 billion by 2020.

Businesses of all sizes are investing big in their ‘web presence’ and recognise that although the competition is tough, a page one ranking on Google is achievable with well written and well-optimised content.

Rewriting your website content, and committing to regular updates or weekly blog posts, and adding videos and infographics for SEO purposes can significantly increase your organic traffic, leads, and sales. Old blog posts that are refreshed and updated with new content and images have been proven to increase organic traffic by as much as 111% (Source: Backlinko, 2016). This is a simple strategy for improving your Google ranking in 2018. However, competition is tough, and if you are serious about your marketing efforts, then you need to engage a talented SEO writer.

Well Optimised Content Delivers Results

There is no guarantee for getting to page one on Google, however well-optimised content targeting industry specific keywords that in turn target your audience will do the job. Writing for SEO is not simply the strategic placement of keywords but is also about quality and quantity of content. Google favours and actively seeks comprehensive content that answers readers questions, so it pays to invest in well written, well-researched content that addresses your audience’s needs thoroughly.

Use Quality SEO Content And Google To Drive Your Business Success

Smart business owners recognise the power of Google and understand that it provides access to unlimited business potential. By offering high-quality SEO content that is updated regularly, you encourage Google to identify you as a premium service provider, present you in search results and consistently improve your ranking. Are you ready for the competition?