This single question has been asked by every business owner who is driven to succeed. The answer is neither simple nor a quick fix. A first page ranking on Google is all about strategy, or the development of a sound plan that will achieve its goal over time. Investing in a quality SEO strategy can significantly increase the amount of traffic to your website and drive potential sales by increasing your visibility. A ranking on page one is no mean feat, but a good SEO company will develop a strategy that can attract quality organic traffic and simultaneously improve your ranking over time.


Top Three Strategies To Get On Page One Of Google

  1. Invest in SEO. Companies in the U.S spent nearly $69 billion on SEO in 2017 alone. Savvy business owners choose to invest in SEO activities that improve their Google ranking and drives their sales to new heights.
  2. Create and deliver high-quality SEO content. Poorly written website content will not only damage your business reputation but will also negatively impact your Google ranking. Well written content with ‘appropriate’ keywords is a sound investment that will drive your website to page one of Google and have you competing with the best.
  3. Blog, then blog some more. With content, quality and quantity is everything. Blogs, newsletters, videos, infographics, etc. all help drive traffic and attract potential clients. Regular blog posts provide a perfect opportunity for keyword usage and for Google to present your site on page one in search results.


Can You Afford Not To Focus On SEO

The higher your ranking, the higher the click-through rate. Did you know that less than 10% of people advance past page one of Google? Most people don’t want to waste time scrolling to page two of Google to find what they want. The content they find on page one is often very good quality and is exactly what they are looking for. Competition for page one is aggressive but you’ve got to be in the fight to win it, and a first-page ranking is very doable with the right SEO strategist behind you.