Website content is the very reason that people are viewing your site. They have actively sought out your website because you have a product they are looking for, services they need, or information they require. Well written and purposely designed content will drive a sale, and also encourage people to share your website with others. Content is the substance of your website, but it is also the success of your business. Content can make or break your company and your reputation. Website content is an integral part of the customer experience. It includes words, but also images, videos, sounds and animations. Ultimately website content is designed to communicate your brand message to your viewer and hopefully increase your revenue at the same time.

Good text content is content that is written specifically for the web or for search engine optimisation (SEO). It should contain links to other pages or sources in case your reader requires more information. Good text website content is written for a global audience while simultaneously addressing your local target audience. Website content is all-encompassing. It should cover vital details such as your business vision and mission on the ‘About Us’ page and must sell your services without being pushy. It should always contain your contact details too, especially when you consider that you will lose approximately 44% of your website visitors if there’s no contact information. Text content also includes the ‘News’ page and “Blog”. Your blog serves as a promotional tool for raising awareness of your company, and services, and can help establish you as an industry professional.


Learning Styles- How We Absorb Information Matters

As per the VARK theory, there are four different learning styles:

  • Visual- e.g. maps, mind maps, diagrams and other shapes and designs that may be used to communicate information.
  • Aural- e.g. speaking, webchat, radio, discussions.
  • Reading/ writing- e.g. words- internet, Google, lists, quotes, dictionaries.
  • Kinesthetic- e.g. experience, demonstrations, simulations, videos, case studies (the ‘real’ experience)

A well-designed website with great content will communicate your brand message to viewers with ease, regardless of the way they absorb information. Websites today range from minimalistic to those that are extremely content rich. Web designers face huge challenges when designing websites that are content heavy. However, behind the scenes, web developers are tasked a huge responsibility, using HTML, CCS, Javascript, and other languages that breathe life into the site.

Web designers, web developers and content writers deliver a balanced experience for website viewers, appealing to every type of learning style. Great websites should appeal to all viewers, regardless of the way they absorb information. For this reason, it is wise advice to obtain the help of an experienced web developer, designer and copywriter who can do your business proud. The cheapest is not always the best, and neither is the most expensive.