Why should you invest in search engine optimisation (SEO)? It’s simple. If you want to be competitive in your chosen industry, in the digital age, you have to do whatever it takes to be found in Google search. With over 66,000 Google searches per second, can you afford not to be in the game? Companies who are serious about their future success, understand the importance of SEO and recognise Google to be the doorway to enormous amounts of traffic, and unlimited potential and opportunity. Businesses that choose to ignore technological advances and increasing public demand, do so at their peril. They face poor rankings and low visibility in Google searches and as such, have limited success in business.

Companies in the U.S spent nearly $69 billion on SEO in 2017 and analysts at Borrell predict that SEO spending will exceed $79 billion by 2020. There are plenty of valid reasons for this exponential level of interest and investment in digital marketing services (DMS). Businesses are consistently spending big on DMS and ad marketing is now considered ‘old school’. Savvy business owners who choose to invest in digital marketing strategies and SEO activities, improve and maintain their Google ranking and drive their business leads and sales to new heights.

Be Found In Google Search, But Be Patient

Supported by a growing culture of impatience and the need for instant gratification, internet users are now demanding immediate answers, and this continues to shape the future of Google. However, it pays to be cautious about investing in SEO as there are many less experienced SEO companies offering ‘quick results’ at very high costs. In reality, SEO is no quick fix, it requires patience and money to secure a strong web presence and a significant level of expertise to obtain favourable outcomes. Results are yielded over a period of time, typically taking three to six months to begin seeing consistent improvements. Some may unwittingly feel that this ROI is directly counterproductive to our culture of impatience; however, diamonds are created under constant pressure. Every piece of content, update, blog article, and every link reinforces your positioning and ranking. It is therefore vital that each piece of content be of the highest quality, well researched and well written. Your ranking and reputation depend on it.

SEO Is A Marketing Strategy You Can’t Afford To Ignore

A great SEO strategy and high-quality content will increase your visibility, solidify your ranking while expanding your social following. In turn, your leads and sales will continue to steadily and consistently improve, but the commitment must be made. Are you willing to step up to the plate, invest in the future of your business and give your competitors a run for their money? Are you in for the long haul or are you a just part-time player?